The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware ~ “Beach Bites”


Another quick post from me about an absolutely creepy thriller that kept me turning the pages even though I am completely sleep deprived ūüôā ¬†Ruth Ware, author of In a Dark, Dark Wood, took me to sea in The Woman In Cabin 10. ¬†A cruise trip gone wrong for the main character Lo. ¬†She is sent on assignment onto a gorgeous cruise ship. ¬†While aboard she meets a young woman who is in the cabin next door. ¬†She needs a quick beauty rescue and has quite an abrupt interaction with this woman which seemed odd to Lo. ¬†That evening she hears a thud and sees a blood stain on the side of the boat. ¬†When she goes to see if everything is ok with her neighbor she discovers she is gone. ¬†As the book develops Lo is tested as the rest of the ship never recalls seeing this women making Lo as well as everyone else question her sanity. ¬†But she is sure she this woman exists and will stop at nothing to prove it.


This book, like Ware’s debut, is a phenomenal thriller. ¬†Ware is excellent at what she does and how she captures the essence of a good mystery is on point. ¬†I highly suggest both novels as you will become an instant fan of hers. ¬†What’s even more exciting is In a Dark, Dark Wood is coming to the big screen! ¬†Not only do I love a good thriller but I love a thriller motion picture even more!

*Thanks to Gallery Books for sending a copy for review.


Happy All Hallows’ Eve!

in a dark, dark woodruth ware

Happy Halloween fellow bliss seekers and book worms!  Quick post today for book readers who dare.  I finished up in a dark, dark wood by Ruth Ware this week for my inaugural book club meeting with my fellow Simmons College gals.  What a spooky, suspenseful, thriller worthy of all its current accolades.  The story takes place on a hen, which is a british version of a bachelorette party, where a group of people do not know the weekend that lay ahead.  Murder, mystery and a house picturesque for a horror movie, are the perfect blend of macabre for this fantastic read.  Luckily for us readers, Reese Witherspoon bought the rights and will be making this thriller into a movie!  Once you read it, you will see its the perfect book to keep you on the edge of your seat in a theater!  Enjoy your evening ~ trick or treat?!

The Wrong Man by Kate White

The Wrong ManKate White

Happy 4th! ¬†I am starting my July reviews with a fabulous thriller. ¬†I am a huge fan of Kate White’s and count the Bailey Weggin’s series in my top favorite books! ¬†I knew that her newest book, The Wrong Man was going to be just as amazing¬†plus there was something special about this book as there was going to be a character named after my daughter in it. ¬†Yes, there was going to be a Chloe in the book! ¬†Rewind. ¬†We entered a contest last summer where Kate had requested readers to pose with her then novel, Eyes on You. ¬†I sent a picture of Chloe with her detective hat and spectacles and we WON! ¬†I was thrilled. ¬†So reading throughout the book I was awaiting seeing her name pop up and it did, in a clever little way ūüôā Thanks Kate. ¬†Like all of White’s books she leaves the most addictive cliff hangers at the conclusion of each chapter thus making the reader fly through this book. ¬†I was so happy to read and review a mystery again. ¬†It’s been awhile but they are oh so good.

The Wrong Man starts off with its main character Kit traveling for business in Florida. ¬†Wanting a change of pace in this moment of life she decides she is going to do something spontaneous and fun. ¬†She meets Matt Healy, also on business, who is mysterious, charming, the full package. ¬†After a romantic dinner they both go back to the hotel and things develop from there. ¬†They both have the mindset “no strings attached” and decide the next morning it was a great night and let’s leave it at that. ¬†Kit is ok with this although there is a part of her that is drawn to Matt and wishes she could see him again. ¬†She leaves Florida and heads back to New York but not before she gets call from Matt wanting to meet-up in NYC. ¬†They decide the meet for dinner and Matt gives her all the details including where he lives. ¬†Kit heads over there to meet him only to find out the man who lives there is not the man she had a fling with but yet his name is Matt Healy. ¬†Let the mystery begin.

The Wrong Man is a thriller of deceit and murder. ¬†From sunny Florida to gritty NYC, White takes you on ride filled with hairpin twists and turns questioning who can you really trust? ¬†The spiderweb of characters and lies will have you hooked from the first page as in typical White¬†fashion. ¬†Whether this is your first or fifth novel of White’s she does not disappoint! ¬†Without a question this is my fourth “Blissful Beach Bag” pick! Let’s keep our fingers crossed she is working on a Weggin’s mystery, I need a little Bailey in my life.

Miss Chloe in her winning picture as well as the new book.

The winning photo from 20142015 Winner

*The Wrong Man was sent to Bliss Beauty and Books for review purposes.

Dark Rooms by Lili Anolik


Wow.  I just finished Dark Rooms by Lili Anolik and I am speechless- in a good way.  This is the debut novel for Anolik who is also an editor for Vanity Fair.  This book took twists and turns on every page, an absolute dark, thriller of a read.

The book centers around the murder of a young, beautiful woman, Nica. ¬†Set against an upscale prep school¬†in New England, her sister, ¬†Grace, decides to take on the task of finding her killer and piecing together that fateful day. ¬†Grace starts to look into her sisters former relationships as well as their own family. ¬†Grace starts to see everyone is a suspect. ¬†She finds out Nica’s life was far from perfect and the people she thought she could trust have their own secrets.

What I loved about this book was the written imagery coupled with the suspeseful plot, something Anolik excels at. ¬† Anolik doesn’t just make this another murder-mystery, she digs up dark secrets giving it drama and soul that keep the reader guessing from page to page. ¬†Fabulous debut and I am sure the first of many novels for Lili Anolik.

*I received a copy of Dark Rooms for review for Bliss, Beauty and Books.

The Pocket Wife by Susan Crawford

The Pocket Wife

I am a huge fan of suspense and mystery and couldn’t wait to receive a copy of The Pocket Wife by Susan Crawford. ¬†This was Crawford’s debut novel and what a ride she takes the reader on. ¬†The story centers on Dana Cantrell who is bipolar and suffers manic episodes. ¬†Her neighbor and friend, Celia, has been murdered and the police are at odds as to who the killer is. ¬†Dana is convinced it is her due to her illness and the fact that she was the last person to see Celia alive. ¬†As she starts to reveal different clues about her husband, Peter, and constant interrogation from the lead cop on the case, Jack, she slowly starts to question her sanity.

This book grips you from the first page thanks to Crawford’s thrilling and descriptive narrative. ¬†Just like Dana, I was questioning every character, their alibi and motive right until the last pages. ¬†It was fast paced read with a deep plot. ¬†The perfect read as long as you have a few hours to spare as you won’t want to put it down. ¬†This being Crawford’s debut, I would say she is just getting started. ¬†Can’t wait for her next book!

Author Susan Crawford

“The Pocket Wife” Red Lip ~ inspired but the chic cover

Scarlet Beautycounter Lip Sheer– The perfect universal red lipstick.

*I received a copy of this book for review purposes.