Open Book with David Bell

Summer thrillers are always a yes for me and we have a BB&B favorite and thriller master on the blog today!  David Bell’s latest, Layover, is intense, gripping and not something that should be read during a heatwave 🙂 unless you are holed up in air conditioning- it’s that pulse pounding.  He is my latest Open Book which I am thrilled about because he is the first MALE author to participate- history in the making people!


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In this high concept psychological suspense novel from the USA Today bestselling author of Somebody’s Daughter, a chance meeting with a woman in an airport sends a man on a pulse-pounding quest for the truth.

Joshua Fields takes the same flights every week for work, his life a series of departures and arrivals, hotels and airports. During yet another layover, he meets Morgan, a beautiful stranger with whom he feels an immediate connection. When it’s time for their respective flights, Morgan kisses Joshua passionately, lamenting that they’ll never see each other again.

As soon as Morgan disappears in the crowd, Joshua is shocked to see her face on a nearby TV. The reason: Morgan is a missing person.

What follows is a whirlwind, fast-paced journey filled with lies, deceit, and secrets as Joshua tries to discover why Morgan has vanished from her own life. Every time he thinks one mystery is solved, another rears its head—and his worst enemy might be his own assumptions about those around him.




What three celebrities/authors/figures- living or dead, would you want to have a bookclub with?  

–Abraham Lincoln, Sarah Silverman, and John Lennon



Current binge series? 


–“Black Mirror” and “The Handmaid’s Tale”



Last favorite book? 


Soldier, Sailor, Frogman, Spy by Giles Milton. A brilliant history of D-Day.


What 3 things do you pack in your bag for your dream vacation?

–A good book, a bathing suit, and another book


Where is it? 

–Someplace with a view of the water



Sunday NYT or US Weekly? 


–Sunday NYT



Last person you sent a text message to? 


–I pretty much only text my wife.



Book you read that you wished you wrote? 


The Three Musketeers. Think of the royalties after 180 years!



Do you have a teacher who encouraged you to become a writer? 


–Several…but I’ll never forget my high school teachers Mr. Hendrick and Mr. Hussong.



Do you listen to music while you write? If so, who? 


–I do…I usually listen to music from the 70s and 80s. As far as music goes, I’m stuck in the past.


Describe your writing space? 

–I have a giant former dining room table that looks out a huge window at our front yard and street. I can watch the rabbits play and the joggers go by when I’m supposed to be writing.



Coffee or tea? 


–Definitely tea


Do you have a favorite book that you gift? 

–If I know someone wants to write I give them a copy of Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott.



If you could have one song as the theme song of your life what would it be and why? 


–I like to imagine that the “Star Wars” theme plays whenever I sit down to write. It makes sitting at a computer all day seem much more dramatic than it really is.


What/Who inspires you? 

–More than anything I just enjoy the day-to-day process of writing. It begins and ends there. If I didn’t enjoy writing then it wouldn’t be worth doing all the other things associated with a writing career. So I try to remind myself to enjoy the daily work of writing.



Bravo reality TV- yes or no? 


I love “Project Runway,” which started on Bravo. Would I like to see a reality show made of my life? It would be pretty dull…


Favorite Instagram account? 

–I love following all the people who post about books and reading on IG. It’s great to see such a vibrant book community online.



If you could name just one lipstick after a book, what would you call it and what shade would it be? 


–I’m a little out of my depth, but how about The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire? Try fitting that on the top of a lipstick tube!



Current #TBR pile?.


–It consists of about five thousand books…but I hope to get to Red Metal by Mark Greaney and Ripley Rawlings, Dear Wife by Kimberly Belle, The Two Lila Bennetts by Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke, and Lock Every Door by Riley Sager.


Best advice you’ve ever received? 

–My dad once told me, “If you want to be a writer, get out of bed and write.” That about sums it up.


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