Tiny Little Thing by Beatriz Williams

Tiny Little Thing by Beatriz Williams

Happy August fellow readers and book lovers!  Summer is flying by and I am finding the books are only getting better.  Tiny Little Thing by Beatriz Williams ended my July with a bang!  Set in Boston, as am I, this is on the top of my list for one of the best books this season!  It was also my first read by Beatriz Williams…I know where have I been?  She is absolutely amazing and I can not wait to get my hands on another one of her novels.

Tiny Little Thing takes us back to 60’s, set in Boston, revolving around politics, a little mystery and love.  Christina “Tiny” Hardcastle is married to Frank who is running for political office.  Together Tiny and Frank are the epitome of the perfect political couple.  They are brought to Cape Cod for the summer where Tiny receives a photograph in the mail bringing back a part of her past.  Frank’s cousin Caspian is the Vietnam vet who helps Frank complete his impeccable political front but also has ties to Tiny.  Does he have anything to do with Tiny’s mystery mail?  Struggling to figure out who is out to get her as well as maintain her trophy wife status, Tiny confides in her sister Pepper.   Pepper is as spicy as her name and is hiding her own secrets as well, naturally being the perfect partner in crime.  They need one another as the Hardcastle family is not one to hide secrets from.  Everyone is watching.

A little bit mystery and a whole lot of love story, Tiny Little Thing is literally the perfect summer read and my seventh “Blissful Beach Bag” pick.  Tiny Hardcastle is one of the best characters I have met in a book in a long time.  She is strong, elegant and persistent.  Williams’s story and characters challenge the times and makes the reader think.  I loved the sister dynamic between Pepper and Tiny and hope there is a story for Pepper somewhere down the road.  Williams certainly left that door open.  For all the lastest updates follow Beatriz on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Beatriz Williams

*Tiny Little Thing was sent to Bliss Beauty and Books for review purposes.