The Year We Turned Forty by Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke


So I do not need to declare my love for bestie authors Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke.  I mean if you follow them on Instagram or Facebook you will see that they are the gals you would call on a Friday night for guaranteed fun, all the while knowing they write absolutely addictive and fabulous books.  The Year We Turned Forty was just this and more.  Each year I get super excited for their books and then have complete sadness when they are over as I know I have to wait!  Not only are their books a literary triple threat they are as well- fierce, fun and fabulous.

The Year We Turned Forty centers around three best friends- Jessie, Claire and Gabriela.  They are all facing life challenges but decide to take a girls getaway to Vegas to celebrate all turning 50.  While there, they are all trying to get away from the everyday stressors of their lives when they meet Blair Wainwright, an illusionist who tells them if they all agree then he can bring them back 10 years, to the year they turned forty.  They will be able to get a second chance on some of the decisions and mistakes they made way back then.  They all decide they are in and overnight they are transported back to 2005.  Each dealing with their own decisions and issues they have to decide if they want to change the past or continue to live in the future with possible regrets.

Jessie is dealing with the fact that she cheated on her husband and got pregnant with someone else’s baby.  She is unsure if she should keep the identity of the father to herself or share with her husband the baby’s father.  Gabriela is dealing with infertility and the effect that is having on her successful career and marriage.  Will she be able to make it through or will the inability to bear a child cause demise in her life?  Finally, Claire is reliving the cancer diagnosis of her mother and the parental issues of dealing with a teenage daughter.  Feeling like she can’t manage she tries to look for the silver lining in her life but will she be able to handle the heartache?


Finishing this booked just reaffirmed my love for Liz and Lisa.  They are master storytellers about friendship and womanhood.  Their books are relatable and their characters are people we all know or want to know, making it impossible to put them down.  I absolutely loved the premise of this story as it would be the perfect book club topic- What if you could re-write history?  We all think of the what if’s in life but if you were really given the chance what would you do?  The thought that Liz and Lisa give to each women and their story is so evident in this book which makes their skill for character development so obvious.  This is an absolute must read and the perfect choice to get us into summer beach read season!  Until the next Liz and Lisa book…enjoy 🙂

*Thanks to Atria books for sending a copy of They Year We Turned Forty for review!

The Status of all Things by Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke

The Status of All Things is definitely one book you should be packing up this summer and heading to the beach with!  I was so excited when I was able to get a NetGalley copy for review.  This book is written by Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke who are real life best friends which to me is amazing and knew that chemistry was sure to make for a fabulous book and it did!  I mean, I would love to write a book with one of my besties 🙂

The book centers around Kate who is upon the eve of her wedding day when she gets some life changing news.  The story develops through some great characters including her best friend’s Jules and Liam, her fiancee Max and Facebook, yes the social media site plays a big part in this book!  Kate has the chance to control her fate and change her life through her Facebook status (hello, can you imagine?) but the story goes deeper than this.  It makes the reader think about destiny and fate and how you could be wishing for something when what you really need you had all along.

This book is fun. Period.  Great characters and unique plot are the recipe for a warm, humorous read.  If you haven’t checked out Liz and Lisa’s site please do as they are the perfect duo for your next favorite book.

Liz and Lisa

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