Summer Secrets by Jane Green

Summer Secrets

Well we are in the height of summer and the books are at their best!  I was so excited to received a copy of Summer Secrets by Jane Green as I have been a fan of hers for years.  Typically with her books I am captured within the first chapter and this book did not disappoint.  Summer Secrets is a mix of love, family and the drama it entails.  It’s the perfect choice for my sixth “Blissful Beach Bag” pick!

Cat lives a fabulous life with great friends and amazing job.  Through her glamorous nights and fabulous social life she is struggling to realize she is an alcoholic.  She knows she needs help and decides to meet with her mother, who was the most prominent figure in her upbringing, as her dad was controlling and cold.  During this lunch her mother uncovers a life changing secret that she has kept from Cat her whole life.  This secret brings Cat to Nantucket to meet family she never knew she had and her alcoholism starts to spiral.  The story goes between London and Nantucket and you share in Cat’s struggles and heartbreak.  Cat’s alcoholism and behavior causes some damage and harm to the people she loves and its her mission to heal all open wounds.

Set against a beautiful summer setting, Summer Secrets is another one for the sand and sun.  Green creates and develops  characters and relationships that you can feel through the pages.  Even though Cat is flawed and makes poor decisions I found myself rooting for her in the end.  We all make mistakes but its the actions we take to fix them that make us who we are and I saw that in Cat.    Once again Green shines with a story that will hook you from the first line.  Visit Jane on her site here:

Jane Green