Don’t You Cry by Mary Kubica and the BookSparks #SRC2016


Talk about a twist!  I just finished Don’t You Cry by Mary Kubica, the queen of twisty mysteries and page turning thrillers.  If you have yet to read any of her work well then you must be hiding under a rock.  Her books fly because you are literally addicted from the first page.  You are taken into these worlds that she creates and given the puzzle pieces to get yourself out.  Don’t You Cry was no exception.  From the first chapter I had no idea where I was going until the very last pages and what a surprise it was!  Plus it’s part of the Booksparks Summer Reading Challenge which is the perfect kickoff for the #bestsummerever and beach reading season!


Quinn is a young woman living in Chicago, making her way as young adult in the real world.  She lives with Esther who is her ethereal roommate who seems to have it all.  In Quinn’s eyes she is the perfect person who is always there for her even though she knows she isn’t the best roommate herself.  She does not pick up after herself and she doesn’t cook but Esther never reveals any ill will and accepts her for who she is.  One morning Quinn wakes up and Esther is not there.  Not being alarmed at first, Quinn just thinks maybe she stepped out early or went somewhere and will be in touch soon.  As the day progresses she starts to pick up pieces that do not make sense.  Why is Esther’s phone here?  What is this mysterious letter on her desk?  Quinn tries to remain calm but as the day comes to a close she knows something is up.

Alex lives in Michigan.  He is from a broken home no mother and an alcoholic father with whom he lives with.  He works at a diner and one day sees a beautiful girl and he becomes infatuated with her, Pearl.  He starts to see her appear all over town and wonders who she is and what she is doing in town.  Alex also becomes interested in the run down home across the street from his house where rumor has it a young girl was killed, Genevieve, and her ghost still haunts it.  As he develops a relationship  with Pearl he becomes entangled into a web of lies and danger.  He starts to see strange behavior in Pearl and realizes she has more connections to him then he knows.  Told from alternate views Quinn and Alex, although in separate states, are both living in a twisted world of lies and deceit.  Who will make it out alive?

Mary Kubica author photo credit Sarah Jastre

This is not my first Mary Kubica novel and it certainly will not be my last.  She literally is one of the few that can tell a mystery and leave you shocked at the end.  Like literally shocked.  Her twists and turns keep the reader addicted and wanting more.  Do yourself a favor and pick up one of her page turners.  I highly recommend grabbing one and sitting poolside with a beverage that will calm your nerves as you will be chilled to the bone.

Readers do not forget to participate in the Book Sparks Summer Reading Challenge!  It is going to be the #bestsummerever and the book selections are HOT!  Tag yourself reading any of the selections and make sure to use the hashtags #SRC2016 and #bestsummerever.

*Thanks to Harlequin and Book Sparks for sending a copy for review.


Pretty Baby by Mary Kubica and a BOOK GIVEAWAY

Pretty Baby by Mary Kubica

i just finished Pretty Baby by Mary Kubica which has been on all the best books of the summer lists and now I know why.  I have not read her other novel, I know, The Good Girl but it is sitting in my TBR pile and I am excited to start it.  Mary is a phenomenal writer and this book was nothing short of fantastic.  I love a good summer thriller and this one was especially sweet because I haven’t read one in a while.  From the fast-paced, twist and turns to the complex web of a storyline it is without a doubt my ninth “Blissful Beach Bag” pick.

Heidi is married to Chris and they have a daughter Zoe.  They live a pretty normal life.  Everyday when Heidi goes to work she sees this young girl and her baby.  The baby is always in distress and the young girl, presumably the mother, is always disheveled and absent looking.  Heidi knows they need food and shelter.  She decides that she will offer her home to them and provide some warmth and care to the baby.  Meanwhile her husband is struggling to stay faithful and their daughter is in the tumultuous teen years.  The young mother, Willow, and her baby Ruby, accept Heidi’s offer of food and a roof over their head.  Chris, skeptical, is determined to find out who Willow is and why she is without a home.  He wonders what secrets she may be hiding.  Zoe wants nothing to do with them and thinks her mother is crazy to take them in.  But Heidi shelves her fear that Willow is someone harmful and takes comfort in this precious little baby.  Heidi is battling her own demons from past pregnancy issues so this baby is just what she needs.  Heidi eventually starts to question Willow and what her back story is.  Heidi becomes obsessed with Ruby and old wounds began to open.  Lines start to blur and the reader starts to wonder who is putting who at jeopardy Heidi or Willow?

This book is everything you would want in a nail-biting summer read.  Just when the reader thinks they have figured it out Kubica throws in another twist.  The content was deep but the writing was so fluid that the pages just flew.  I loved each character the complexities they brought to the story.  This being Kubica’s second novel she is just getting started and I am excited to see what other stories she has to tell!  absolutely run out and grab this book.  You will not be disappointed.

Mary Kubica, author "The Good Girl"

Mary Kubica

*Pretty Baby was sent to Bliss, Beauty and Books for review purposes.


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