Open Book ~ Leslie Cohen

Happy blissful Monday!  I am thrilled to be able to share my next “Open Book” author, Leslie Cohen.  Her debut novel, This Love Story Will Self-Destruct is getting high praise as a People Magazine pick of the week, fabulous write-ups from Bustle and Hello Giggles and Cohen being hailed as a young Nora Ephron- well I am sold.  Read below to learn a few fun tidbits about Cohen.  All I needed to know was she was  Jay-Z fan and Cher Horowitz is an inspiration 😉 #friendgoals.


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This is the classic tale of boy meets girl: Girl…goes home with someone else.

Meet Eve. She’s a dreamer, a feeler, a careening well of sensitivities who can’t quite keep her feet on the ground, or steer clear of trouble. She’s a laugher, a crier, a quirky and quick-witted bleeding-heart-worrier.

Meet Ben. He’s an engineer, an expert at leveling floors who likes order, structure, and straight lines. He doesn’t opine, he doesn’t ruminate, he doesn’t simmer until he boils over.

So naturally, when the two first cross paths, sparks don’t exactly fly. But then they meet again. And again. And then, finally, they find themselves with a deep yet fragile connection that will change the course of their relationship—possibly forever.

Follow Eve and Ben as they navigate their twenties on a winding journey through first jobs, first dates, and first breakups; through first reunions, first betrayals and, maybe, first love. This is When Harry Met Sally reimagined; a charming tale told from two unapologetically original points of view. With an acerbic edge and heartwarming humor, debut novelist Leslie Cohen takes us on a tour of what life looks like when it doesn’t go according to plan, and explores the complexity, chaos, and comedy in finding a relationship built to last.

Author Photo - Leslie Cohen credit to David Verbitsky

What three celebrities/authors/figures- living or dead, would you want to have a bookclub with?

Elena Ferrante, whoever that may be

Mindy Kaling

Novak Djokovic


Current binge series?

Mad Men


Last favorite book?

The Lesser Bohemians by Eimear McBride


What 3 things to you pack in your bag for your dream vacation?  Where is it?

Bathing suit



Somewhere coastal


Sunday NYT or US Weekly?

Sunday NYT. US Weekly is too much drama for me.


Last person you sent a text message to?

My friend, Monica. She’s an ER doctor, so I like to text her random questions and keep her on her toes re: imaginary illnesses.


Book you read that you wished you wrote?

Us by David Nicholls


Do you have a teacher who encouraged you to become a writer?

Yes! She was also named Leslie and she was the head of the undergraduate creative writing program at Columbia, where I went to college. She gave me the very special gift of telling me that I had a voice and should become a writer and I gave her the gift of asking 493 follow up questions.


Do you listen to music while you write? If so, who?

Yes. Especially when I need to get into a very emotional and somewhat rebellious state of mind. So, Rihanna. Obviously.


Describe your writing space?

Desk. Chair. Laptop. No funny business. Mo’ plants mo’ problems.


Coffee or tea?

Tea! But I’m in it mainly for the accompanying cookies.


Do you have a favorite book that you gift?

I’ve given my friends Vaclav and Lena by Haley Tanner and Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. They are both the sweetest love stories ever.


Book that you wished they would make a movie out of?

Rules of Civility by Amor Towles


If you could have one song as the theme song of your life what would it be and why?

Dirt Off Your Shoulder by Jay Z because it’s about being cool and letting things slide and I have absolutely no idea how to do that. It’s strictly aspirational.


What/Who inspires you?

My friends. My husband. They’re pretty cute. Oh! And Cher from Clueless.


Bravo reality TV- yes or no?

I’m more of a Kardashians/ Bachelor type of girl.


Favorite Instagram account?

I follow a puppy in Japan named Ernie and he’s just a small, white fluffball that naps and plays with stuffed animals but I really dig his vibe.


If you could name just one lipstick after a book, what would you call it and what shade would it be? 

I think I may be unqualified to answer this question. I may have worn ChapStick at my wedding. Plain ChapStick. Not even Cherry. Don’t tell anyone.


Current #TBR pile?

The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin

Her Body and Other Parties by Carmen Maria Machado

Letters to Vera by Vladimir Nabokov


Best advice you’ve ever received?

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” I didn’t receive this advice, personally, as it was said by Wayne Gretzky, but I acquire most of my wisdom from sports. And the rest from my mother.


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*Happy Anniversary Will and Kate!*


In honor of Will and Kate’s 5th wedding anniversary today, I have decided to pay homage to a few fabulous books about the duo.  I am royally obsessed and have been since I purchased a heart donut at Dunkin’ Donuts on the day of their wedding.  Since their nuptials I have been collecting different memorabilia as well as books and magazines.  One day I hope to visit London but for now I can live vicariously through the amazing photos and travels that the duke and duchess take.  See below for some of my “royal favorites”!



  1. Game of Crowns Elizabeth, Camilla, Kate, and the Throne by Christopher Andersen is the most recent release and addition to my royal favorites.  Andersen, a seasoned writer with multiple New York Times bestsellers takes on the story of  the relationship between Elizabeth, Camilla and Kate.


From Simon and Schuster:

“The #1 New York Times bestselling author of William and Kate and The Day Diana Died takes a compulsively readable look into the relationships and rivalries of Queen Elizabeth, Camilla Parker Bowles, and Kate Middleton.

One has been famous longer than anyone on the planet—a wily stateswoman and an enduring symbol of a fading institution. One is the great-granddaughter of a king’s mistress and a celebrated homewrecker who survived a firestorm of scorn to marry her lover and replace her arch rival, a beloved twentieth-century figure. One is a beautiful commoner, the university-educated daughter of a self-made entrepreneur, a fashion idol, and wife and mother to two future kings.

Master biographer Christopher Andersen takes readers behind palace walls to examine the surprising similarities and stark differences among three remarkable women—Queen Elizabeth; Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall; and Princess Kate. Andersen reveals what transpires within the royal family away from the public’s prying eyes; how the women actually feel about each other; how they differ as lovers, wives, and mothers; and how they are reshaping the landscape of the monarchy in this addictive read that will shock even those who are spellbound by the royal palace.” 




2. People Magazine Princess Kate: Royal Mom, Future Queen

A fabulous collection of all things Kate with updated photos and articles.  Out on newsstands now!



3. Kate The Future Queen by Katie Nicholl

Nicholl is a royal expert and this book is on the top of my list for favorites.  It recently was updated with new information and cover!


From Weinstein books:

“From the bestselling author of William and Harry and renowned Royal Family news correspondent Katie Nicholl, comes the timely trade paperback edition of Kate: The Future Queen, the first in-depth biography of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, now updated with more behind-the-scenes details on Kate’s first year as a mother, and her second pregnancy.

Katie Nicholl, bestselling author and royal correspondent for The Mail on Sunday, gives an inside look into the life of the future Queen of England, Kate Middleton. Since becoming Duchess Catherine of Cambridge in 2011, Middleton has captivated royals fans around the world and now, Nicholl delivers the story of her early life, first romances, and love with Prince William. Nicholl will reveal new details on Middleton’s initiation into royal life and, of course, her first pregnancy.”


4. Kate’s Style by Caroline Jones

A beautiful compilation of photos of the Duchess and her elegant and fabulous style.



From Barrons Educational Books:

“The moment Kate Middleton stepped in front of the camera with her then fiancé Prince William to announce their engagement, a style icon was born. The electric blue Issa dress she wore on that day sold out in just 24 hours and sparked an international trend in “little blue dresses.” Classic and ladylike, yet fresh and youthful, the Duchess of Cambridge’s style has been like a breath of fresh air in a world that seemed to have forgotten the undeniable appeal of dressing like a lady. 

Now, author and lifestyle writer Caroline Jones captures that elusive style and tells us just how to create it in our own wardrobes. In Kate’s Style, Jones offers a range of tools for achieving the Duchess’s celebrated look. Readers will find—

  • A visual timeline of Kate’s outfits—from her days at university to recent royal tours and red carpet appearances
  • A directory of her favorite retailers and designers
  • A fabulous collection of full page photos showcasing Kate’s most iconic outfits, complete with pointers on how to recreate the look. 

Kate’s Style, is the essential guide for Kate addicts and fashion lovers alike.” 





5. The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan

A fun, dishy read by the “fuggirls” who are royal obsessed and literally have the best royal Instagram posts here and here!


From Hachette Book Group:

“Now in paperback, the beloved novel and New York Times Summer Reading List pick hailed as “hysterical” by Entertainment Weekly‘s Must List, and “so fun and dishy” by People.

American Bex Porter was never one for fairy tales. Her twin sister Lacey was always the romantic, the one who daydreamed of being a princess, but it’s adventure-seeking Bex who goes to Oxford and meets dreamy Nick across the hall-and Bex who finds herself accidentally in love with the heir to the British throne. Nick is wonderful, but he comes with unimaginable baggage: a complicated family, hysterical tabloids tracking his every move, and a public that expected its future king to marry a Brit. On the eve of the most talked-about wedding of the century, Bex looks back on how much she’s had to give up for true love… and exactly whose heart she may yet have to break.”




  • Thanks to Gallery books for sending Game of Thrones for a spotlight feature.