This Was Not The Plan by Cristina Alger ~ Poolside Pick #3


Summer officially started yesterday and what a better way then to kick it off with an all around fabulous read.  This Was Not The Plan by Cristina Alger won me over with the first few paragraphs and held me all the way until the end.  I love, love, loved this book.  It was touching at times, hilarious and thoughtful- all the things you want in a great book.  I chose this book as my 3rd “Poolside Pick” selection because it is the perfect beach or pool bag accessory and you will not be able to put it down plus the cover is so bright and summery its sure to match your swimsuit 🙂

The book centers around Charlie, “Chuck”, who is a big time lawyer and a widow.  His beautiful and loving wife Mira was killed in an airplane crash leaving Charlie and their son Caleb.  Charlie relies on his sister Zadie to help with Caleb while he maintains his high profile career.  One night at work outing he gets a little tipsy and takes the mic.  In front of his whole office he lets loose on his thoughts about his career and workplace, not something that was looked at as a highlight.  Not thinking much of it he returns home not knowing he was being filmed.  The next morning Charlie gets a call into the office with the bosses informing him of his actions and the consequences- he is being fired.  Charlie only knows work life, what will he do now?  Back at home his sister Zadie feels for him but it couldn’t be better timing as she wants to get away with her boyfriend which will leave Charlie to take care of Caleb, something he has yet to do on his own.  Soon Charlie starts to see what really matters in life with the help of another single dad, an old college crush and his absentee father.  Will Charlie still long for 20 hour work days or will really living life put everything into perspective and allow him to see what real love and family is like?


As I said before I love everything about this book.  The writing is superb, the characters are lovable and the plot is perfect.  I really almost felt like I was watching a Nora Ephron or Gary Marshall movie- Cristina listen, this needs to be a movie 🙂  It was so charming.  I loved the way the Alger sewed in pieces of the past with Mira and Charlie as it was great to know the relationship that they had.  Charlie is so relatable and I was cheering for him until the last line.  This is a book that will not disappoint, guaranteed.  It was so good I am off to get Alger’s other novel The Darlings as she is on my list as a favorite author now!  So pack those bags for summer and get your beach reading started with This Was Not The Plan!


*Thanks to Touchstone for sending a copy to review.

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