*Spotlight & Giveaway* Live Fast, Die Hot by Jenny Mollen

I first fell in love with Jenny Mollen on Chelsea Lately, the former Chelsea Handler talk show.  She was blunt, honest and hilarious but still the girl you wanted to grab a drink with.  Then she became pregnant around the same time I did and her hilarious Instagram pics and Tweets were the perfect remedy to the long nine months that pregnancy is.  Our kids were born pretty close, 2 days apart, and we both underwent C-Sections so my post- part was lightened by her “Mom” posts that were all too true and hysterical.  To share the Jenny Mollen love and celebrate her newest book, Live Fast, Die Hot– I am giving away a copy to one lucky reader.  In this newest book Mollen shares the eye opening experience of becoming a mother and the funny, touching and real moments that come with that.  All you have to do to enter to win is comment below or head over to Instagram and comment on my post!  Open to US residents only!  Good luck 🙂 (full review of book to come)


via Goodreads

Hi, I’m Jenny Mollen. I’m a writer and actress living in New York with a husband, two dogs, and a baby. When I got married, I made all sorts of vows and promises, some of which I intended to keep (and others I just said in the moment to make my husband come faster). My life was exciting, sexy, and ever so slightly eccentric, with a man who fully embraced my crazy. He understood my need to occasionally stalk his ex-girlfriend or wear her old beach caftans around our house. He showed compassion when I got kicked off of jury duty for accidentally befriending the defendant over lunch break. He even found it sweet when I invited our drug dealer to Passover seder so he didn’t think we were only using him for drugs.

Then we had our son, Sid, and overnight, the fun-loving woman-child that my husband fell in love with was banished from our home. It was time to grow up, to be responsible, to brush my hair, to take vitamins, to send holiday cards, to listen to my voicemail. But what if I didn’t want any of those things? What if I wasn’t ready to be a role model because I still envisioned being discovered at the mall and becoming a real model? (Or at the very least a Top Model.) Sure, I was thirty-five but my boobs were only eighteen.

This book is about how terrifying and maddening it is to love something more than yourself. It addresses the important questions that all women face: Have I done enough with my life? How do I break up with my dogs now that I’ve met someone new? Is it weird to draw eyebrows on a baby? Is my house haunted? Will taking ayahuasca in Peru affect my son’s chances of getting into preschool?

Live Fast Die Hot is an unapologetic look at life after thirty, when I realized that maybe being terrified of responsibility just means that I actually care. And if so, I’m at least halfway there—right?



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