Will You Won’t You Want Me? by Nora Zelevansky


Are you looking for a fun, fabulous and fearless female read?  Then grab Will You Won’t You Want Me? by Nora Zelevansky.  It’s the perfect pick for anyone at a crossroads in their lives who are questioning what are they doing or where should they be going?  Perfect for new graduates or adults, we have all been there, looking for a little inspiration, Majorie Plum is the girl we all need in our lives. Zelevansky writes a funny, touching and romantic read that was impossible not to get sucked into.

Marjorie Plum was the popular girl in high-school.  Beautiful and sought after with all the guys she was the “it girl”.  Fast forward, high school is over and the real world has begun.  She is at a good job, living in the city with her best friend Vera and living the good life until  she loses her job, her best friend ditches her and the apartment for her boyfriend and Marjorie is forced to reevaluate her life.  With no money and no direction of where to go she heads back to her parents to get their help and advice.  Her Mom has a lead for a roommate looking for another roommate and so begins the relationship between Marjorie aka Madge and Fred, a little pip squeak of a girl who adds the perfect balance to Madge’s life.  In the meantime Madge is also dealing with Mac, her old interest from high school who is still in love with her but she isn’t sure she is love with him.  With Fred’s help and spirit, Madge starts to pick up the pieces to her life and move forward.  For one Madge fills in for Fred in a tutoring job with little Belinda, “Belly”, who is trying to survive in the horrible trenches of middle school.  Madge is the perfect person to help her come out of her shell and the two form an instant bond.  Madge also meets Gus, who owns a film business with Fred’s brother.  They decide to hire Madge temporarily to fill in for some administrative work.  With all the piece starting to fall into place Madge is feeling accomplished and successful.  But will it all work out in it the end?  Is Mac the one true love for her or is there someone right in front of her who is truly her destiny?  Madge’s journey may not be an easy one but she learns many lessons along the way and discovers she is stronger and smarter than she thinks she is.


I loved this book and think it’s the perfect read for anyone who needs a little direction in their life.  Madge is in all of us.  We have all been there before where we are questioning everything and feel as though nothing is going our way.  She is the underdog who reminds us all that everything works out in the end and to be thankful for the people we meet and the experiences we have along the way.  Zelevansky has a creative way of telling the story which made it that much more charming.  I am excited to see what Nora has in store as this book is getting a lot of well deserved praise.  Graduations are coming up and there is no doubt that this it the perfect gift!

*Thanks to St.Martins Press for sending a copy for review.

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