Opportunity Knocks by Alison Sweeney + Doctor Rogers RESTORE GIVEAWAY

OpportunityKnocks PB

There is nothing I love more than beauty and books ~ hence the blog name.  Being a freelance make-up artist myself and working in the beauty industry for over 10 years, I was sucked into Opportunity Knocks by Alison Sweeney.  A story based around a young woman who is a make-up artist, trying to find her way in this cutthroat world of all things beauty and cosmetics.  I had yet to read any of Sweeney’s novels but was delighted in the fact that it was a easy, light , entertaining read.  If you are a lover of beauty or always rooting for the underdog than you will love Opportunity Knocks!

Alex is a twenty something makeup artist who is trying to find her way.  Determined not to become part of her family’s business she knows make-up is her passion and wants to pursue this dream, despite her parents hesitation.  Her boyfriend Sean, who is in her family’s business, questions her career path as well.  When her best friend Emma has her tag along to her job, working for the devilish Hillary P., Alex gets the chance of a life time.  She is asked to fill in last minute as her make-up artist.  From what Alex can see Hillary P. is no angel and her demands and requests are insane, but it’s a job.  Hillary is impressed with Alex and decides to bring her on full-time, causing her to relocate to NYC and sign a non-disclosure agreement.  Basically if Alex talks about anything related to Hillary then she is busted.  When Alex is befriend by a young man at a bar, Nick, she lets loose about life and her new move.  She starts to feel like she is taking friends.  Meanwhile she also meets Billy Fox, a southern actor, who is not only gorgeous but sweet as well.  They start to form a relationship and it couldn’t come at a better time as things are rocky with Sean and Alex finds herself side swiped by Hillary P.  Alex is being sued for supposed breach of her non-disclosure.  Alex has no idea how this happened.  She never talked about Hillary to anyone..or did she?  As she only has a certain amount of time to fix this problem she will need all the help she can get!  Will she be able to get out of this mess with the help of a Hollywood heartthrob or will she become washed up and broke?

Alison Sweeney-Robert Trachtenberg_final

Opportunity Knocks was a fun, exciting read with lots of twists and of course beauty!  I was so impressed with the beauty knowledge and facts as they were spot on!  You can tell Alison clearly has had her fair share of Hollywood life as it was juicy and full of starlit moments.  I wonder if she has encountered anyone like Hillary P. in her career?  We all can wonder 🙂  Sweeney is a perfect actress turned author as she created a story that flowed and kept me hooked.  This is definitely one for the pool side or maybe a cocktail companion?  Definitely grab a copy and make sure you are perfectly coiffed as you never know who is watching.


In celebration of this beauty based book I am giving away one of my favorite beauty products- Doctor Rogers Restore Healing Balm.  This is the perfect healing balm that helps to “soothe and heal dry, damaged skin, lips and nails with the long lasting hydration and protection of Doctor Rogers RESTORE™ Healing Balm”.  The perfect compliment to the upcoming beach season.  Just toss in your tote and go!  To enter, there are 3 ways, either comment below or follow me here: Facebook or Instagram.  OPEN TO US RESIDENTS ONLY.  Good luck beauties!!!!  Read about Restore below!






SEATTLE, WA – February, 2016 – Introducing Doctor Rogers RESTORETM, a rich, restorative healing balm, that deeply hydrates, replenishes and protects your skin.

After continually hearing her patients’ frustration with petroleum-based skin care ointments, Dr. Heather D. Rogers was inspired to create a safe, petroleum and allergen-free healing balm derived from 100 percent plant-based ingredients.

“I knew I could do better for my patients,” noted Dr. Rogers, founder of RESTORETM and the recently opened state-of-the-art Modern Dermatology clinic in Seattle. “I wanted to create a better, safer and environmentally friendly skin protectant for my patients, family, and friends because I knew it was possible.”

Doctor Rogers RESTORETM Healing Balm is designed to help restore skin to its natural state by creating a moisturizing barrier that protects and calms irritated or damaged skin. RESTORETM encourages rapid healing of the skin while being free of petroleum, preservatives, parabens and

fragrances making it safe to use on any dry, damaged, sensitive, postoperative or injured skin.

At Dr. Rogers Skin Solutions LLC, only the purest plant-based ingredients are used to make RESTORETM, proven to support the skin’s natural healing process. Glycerin, from palm oil, hydrates and promotes healing to restore the skin back to health while Castorlatum, derived from castor beans, reduces irritation and protects raw or sensitive skin.

“My patients need a safe, skin care product not only for post-procedure repair but also for everyday bumps and scrapes,” added Dr. Rogers. “People are mindful of what they are putting on their skin and it is important we treat our skin with the utmost care. I rigorously tested RESTORETM and received the FDA indication for RESTORETM as an over-the-counter medication for skin protection.”

Available today at http://www.doctorrogers.com and Amazon.com in a 0.5 ounce jar for $30 and an 8 ounce jar for $80. Also available at Modern Dermatology and select authorized medical practices.




About Dr. Heather D. Rogers, Founder of Doctor Rogers RESTORETM Healing Balm

Dr. Heather D. Rogers is a board-certified dermatologist and fellowship-trained dermatologic surgeon. She attended Stanford University and completed her dermatology residency and Mohs Micrographic Surgery fellowship at Columbia University Medical Center in New York, NY where she served as Chief Resident and started the first dermatology clinic for organ transplant patients. She also received a prestigious travel grant from the Women’s Dermatologic Society allowing her to spend six weeks in Australia studying skin cancer and its treatments.

These experiences have led her to have a particular interest in the treatment and prevention of skin cancer and sun damage. Her focus is helping her patients combat the sun’s harmful effects through proper skin care and tailored skin treatments.

The healing balm for all ages, RESTORETM helps calm post-procedural skin and accelerates the skin recovery process. With this multitasking formula, now you can soothe, repair and renew dry, damaged skin with confidence.

She lectures nationally, has published numerous articles and book chapters and is an active member of the American Academy of Dermatology.

Dr. Rogers’ experience in medical, surgical and aesthetic dermatology, as well as in motherhood, inspired her to create RESTORETM Healing Balm, a safe, additive-free skin protectant targeting any dry or injured skin, lips or nails.

In addition to religiously applying sunscreen with 10 percent zinc daily, Dr. Rogers’ skin care regime includes an antioxidant on naked skin in the morning before moisturizing and sunscreen. Nightly, she washes her face, applies a Retinol product, and moisturizer before bed. She is not married to a single brand line and believes that the best results are achieved when a variety of clinically proven active ingredients are used on the skin.

Doctor Rogers RESTORETM Healing Balm is a staple in her daily skin care routine. Dr. Rogers says that it is her “instant skin fix” and as an active and busy mom, she always has a jar at home, at work, in her handbag and car. She uses it daily for cuts, scrapes, dry or damaged skin and to moisturize lips and nails. In addition, she uses it as a little cosmetic pick-me-up to set eyebrows, keep concealer from cracking, and provide a youthful dewy glow to her cheeks. RESTORETM is for women, men, and children and is an all season, all body, and all ages product.

When not reminding her patients to protect their skin, Dr. Rogers can be found enjoying life with her husband and their two children.

About Doctor Rogers RESTORETM Healing Balm

Doctor Rogers RESTORETM Healing Balm, developed by Seattle-based, board- certified dermatologist, Dr. Heather D. Rogers, is the first petroleum-free, allergen- free, plant-based ointment to be introduced to the marketplace. A premium product, RESTORETM Healing Balm is safe, reparative, and restorative, for dry, irritated or damaged skin.

Noted as a new, totally clean alternative to currently available ointments in goop’s 2016 Dry Skin Guide, RESTORETM is the brainchild of Dr. Rogers who was inspired to create a safe, healing skin balm when she wasn’t able to find a quality ointment to her liking for her patients’ post-surgical treatment.

Made in the USA, RESTORETM, has been rigorously tested and is FDA indicated as an over-the-counter skin protectant, providing long-lasting hydration and protection.

For more information or to purchase RESTORETM, visit http://www.doctorrogers.com, Modern Dermatology, select medical clinics at http://www.doctorrogers.com/authorized-retailers, like on Facebook at Doctor Rogers, follow on Twitter @thedoctorrogers, and on Instagram at doctor.rogers

Media Contact for Restore:

Carilyn Platt
Magnolia Public Relations carilyn@magnoliaprc.com 206.618.2033



*Thanks to Hachette Books for sending a copy for review to Bliss, Beauty and Books.

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