Just Fall by Nina Sadowsky

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Wow, what a thrilller!  For the past few books I have tended towards chick lit and lighter reads.  Just Fall by Nina Sadowsky was not the case.  This was a page turning thriller with murder, mystery and heat.  Sadwosky is no stranger to writing as she is seasoned screenwriter and producer.  Just Fall being her first novel was a great debut and definitely made me a fan and excited for her next book!

Just Fall takes place in St. Lucia with Ellie and Rob.  Having just gotten married they head out on their honeymoon.  A gorgeous couple with many hidden secrets and lies.  Rob grew up in a dysfunctional family with a mother who suffered from abuse and a father who he never knew.  All Rob knew was an abusive step father who beat his mom.  Ellie is the picture perfect blonde with a good family and life in New York.  Having her own hidden secrets from the past she is excited when her two friends set her up with Rob who at first glance is handsome and mysterious.  Ellie and Rob become entangled with a vicious man, Quinn and his associates, who are up to no good.  Rob does not want  Ellie to be involved but knows that the only way for them to get out is for her participate in the vicious demands of Quinn, who by the way is claiming he is Rob’s biological father.  All the while an island cop is onto their trail  as well as piecing together a string of kidnappings and will not rest easy until he has answers.  Taking place between past and present the reader starts to piece together a complex puzzle of murder, intrigue and a web of lies.  Will Rob and Ellie follow the rules and make it out alive or will Quinn have the final say?

Sadowsky headshot credit Dima Otvertchenko

Photo credit: Dima Otvertchenko

Lust, love and romance all play a part in this steamy murder mystery.  Sadowsky being a screenwriter, created what I think the perfect page to screen story.  This story would be the perfect film (fingers crossed).  She kept the pages turning and the reader guessing which are the two key ingredients to a perfect murder.  I loved the complex characters of Rob and Ellie and to be set against the stunning setting of St. Lucia just made the book that much more delicious.  This is a must read for your spring break or summer nights.  I can’t wait to see what Sadowksy will come out with next as the last page in the book had me pondering?  Nina, were you hinting to something :)? Happy Reading!


*Thanks to Ballantine Books for sending a copy of Just Fall to Bliss, Beauty and Books for review.

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