Who Do You Love by Jennifer Weiner

WDYL paperback cover image

Sitting in my #TBR pile since last year, yes thats how big it is, I grabbed this book when I got word it was coming out in paperback to do a little feature.  Jennifer Weiner is one of my favorite authors and I knew from all the great reviews it would be a gem and believe me it did not disappoint.  She is able to create characters that are real and yet built from words and stories that are so fluid and yet from the heart.  Time after time I am impressed by her novels.  Who Do You Love is a quintessential love story with a twist.  What I found funny was the day I finished the novel Jennifer posted on her Instagram that she was married the night before.  A perfect happy ending for a master storyteller of real fairytales and happy endings.

Rachel is a young girl with a heart condition.  Andy is a young boy who lands in the ER after a big fall.  A chance meeting for both, the same night in the hospital, is the beginning of a  romance filled novel that spans a lifetime.  After keeping in touch as kids they both go on to fill their dreams all the while developing a serious relationship.  Rachel is a good jewish girl from a middle-upper class family who goes on to attend college, becomes a sorority girl all the while falling in love with Andy.  Andy is a runner who comes from a broken home and wants to make his mom proud.  He continues to run and attend college as well train for the Olympics.  He has a hard time adjusting to the life that Rachel lives, both being so different, but the love he has for her is so strong.  The two embark on life together and apart through serious issues, breakups, family and marital problems.  In the end they always come to realize they are always there for each other but will they ultimately be the “one that they love?”.

Jennifer Weiner author photo credit Tamara Staples


Who Do You Love is a love story wrapped in some heartbreak and coated in charm.  I loved how the story was told over the course of their lives.  I really got to see not only Andy and Rachel develop individually but their relationship develop as well.  I find that this is something that Weiner excels at and truly makes her stories unforgettable.  If you have yet to read this book the paperback version will be out April 5 (pre-order here) and trust me its the perfect spring read to indulge outside in the warm weather!  Weiner also has a collection of essays coming out in early fall so stay tuned for more on that as I get more details.

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