*Jojo Moyes Giveaway*

If you have yet to read the amazingness of Jojo Moyes you are missing out!  I did a feature of Me Before You and its sequel After You a few months back and was completely obsessed with both.  See here.  On June 3rd the feature film of Me Before You will be released starring Emilia Clark and Sam Claflin.  You can see the trailer right here!  I am luck y enough to be able to giveaway a copy of Me Before You as well as After You to a lucky reader, thanks to my friends at Viking/Peguin.  Just comment below and I will pick a winner at the end of the week.  Open to US residents only 🙂




11 thoughts on “*Jojo Moyes Giveaway*

  1. I have has this on my TBR list for some time . I can’t purchase it this month or the next but I will , by cracky , eventually own it !! I’ve heard and read hundreds of great reviews about this book. Thank you so very much for the chance to win it.


  2. Can’t afford to buy it this month or the next due to unforeseen expenses but I will own it! Would love to win this book . I’ve heard and read nothing but great things about it which is why it’s on my tbr list.


  3. I finished this book a few nights ago and it’s honestly the greatest book I’ve read so far. Post book depression is so real, almost like post concert depression. I’ve sobbed buckets and have been moping around the house wondering what to do with my life, so ou could say I really truly adored and loved this book with my heart and soul, and I absolutely cannot wait for the film. Thanks for this opportunity!


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