Maybe in Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid


So I may be a little late the the Taylor Jenkins Reid party but I made it and I am SO glad I did!  I had Maybe in Another Life sitting high in my TBR pile just waiting for that moment when I needed a feel good, girls book.  After hitting up a group of well established readers this was recommended over and over so I knew it was time.  To say this book was feel good would be an understatement.  Taylor Jenkins Reid is the real deal, writing about real relationships and people who you seem to know from somewhere in your life.  Maybe in Another Life is like a favorite movie or refreshing cocktail you just want to enjoy over and over.

Maybe in Another Life centers around Hannah who has recently moved back to her hometown of California.  She is at a crossroads and does not know what she wants to do with her life and whether or not she will stay in California long term.  She moves in with her best friend Gabby and her husband Mark.  One evening they decided to welcome Hannah back and meet out a few high school friends as well as Hannah’s old flame Ethan.  Hannah is overwhelmed with the feelings she has when she sees Ethan as does he.  As the evening comes to an end Hannah is conflicted with going home with Ethan for the night or leaving the past in the past and going back with Gabby and Mark.  Here is where the story takes a turn- the reader is brought through each decision between alternating chapters.  As each story unfolds we see tragedy, heartbreak, love and the importance of friends and family in Hannah’s life.  I do not want to giveaway too much as I do not want to contain spoilers.  Will Hannah live happily ever after with Ethan or will going home with Gabby and Mark be a life changing decision?


As I said before I had only heard amazing things about Taylor Jenkins Reid and her novels and now I can see why.  This light-hearted story is deeply rooted by its complex characters.  Reid’s way of making these characters so tangible as well as their relationships, makes the reader connect even more to the story.  I loved the alternating stories and was deeply satisfied and fulfilled at the end.  I am so looking forward to her new release One True Loves and will be sure to post about that as well.  Side note: I may be partial, she is a Massachusetts gal just like me which makes me like her even more 🙂


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