Breaking Wild by Diane Les Becquets



Since it’s -6 in Boston I found it fitting to read a novel about surviving in the wild with snow, coyotes and cougars.  This novel was Breaking Wild by Diane Les Becquets.  Set in the snowy mountains of Colorado, Breaking Wild is part suspense and part drama.  A fast-paced thriller centering around two women who are both figuring out survival in the wild.  Les Becquet paints the most beautiful and raw setting of wilderness and the strength it takes to withstand its power.

Amy Raye is out on a hunting trip with a few friends and decides she wants to pursue one last hunt solo.  She sets out into the wild with enough equipment and food for what she thinks will be a few days.  Pru is a camp ranger with a rescue dog who prides her self on knowing the area and all the danger it entails.  When Amy does not make it back to camp, Pru gets the call from a good friend Colm and together the two with a group of rescuers set out to find Amy.  Amy starts to realize that she is lost and what she thought would be an easy trip is now a day to day survival of the fittest.  As the story unfolds the reader starts to learn about Amy’s past and what could potentially have her running.  Pru starts to question has Amy succumb to the dangers of the wild or did she want to make herself disappear?  As the days start to pass the likelihood of Amy surviving the woods lessens but Pru has a gut instinct and knows there has to be some trace of Amy out there.  Will Amy be found alive or is she gone for good?


What I loved about this book was the alternating chapters of Amy and Pru’s point of view.  While they both are completely different women they are both “lost’ in some way yet both extremely strong which was really empowering.  Les Becquet’s detailed writing is so real that you actually can feel the cold of the wilderness and the mystery it encapsulates on every page.  Her experience living on a Colorado ranch is imminent and really the setting is its own character in itself.  If you are looking for a great suspense novel this is it!

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