Weightless by Sarah Bannan

Weightless US Cover

Happy September 1st!  I hope you all enjoyed the summer and read lots of amazing books!  This was one of my busiest summers with reading and the launch of the book portion of my blog!  I have been lucky enough to read many amazing books and can not wait to see what the fall holds.  I have my sights set on some great books which of course will be reviewed on my blog!  I will be continuing my “Blissful Beach Bag” picks until the first day of fall as you never know, we could have an Indian summer here in Boston.  For my eleventh pick, I chose another debut author Sarah Bannan and her novel Weightless.  This was a raw look at high school and the ruthlessness of teenagers.  Unfortunately this book is the perfect portrayal of the world we live in with all of the social media that is at our disposal.  It was a fantastic debut for Bannan and surely something parents of teens should read.

Weightless UK cover

Weightless is about a girl, Carolyn, who starts at a new high school in Alabama. Carolyn is the quintessential new girl good looks, great clothes, smart and the interest of many of the boys.  Carolyn is reserved at first in her new school as she is kind and concerned about her grades and sports.  She isn’t sure which group she fits into as all the girls are envious of her.  Shane, the schools most popular boy is taken by her and they start to hang out- problem is he just broke up with Brooke, a popular, not to be messed with cheerleader.  One thing leads to another and they begin dating.  When someone gets a hold of Carolyn and Shane together they film a detrimental video which goes viral.  This video starts a tailspin of gossip and backlash destroying Carolyn.  Carolyn’s good girl image is tarnished yet no one really knows who is to blame.  Is everyone responsible for her downfall including teachers and parents?  Or is this destruction at the hands of a few jealous teenagers?

Like I had mentioned before this book tells a tale of the reality we live in today.  We hear all too many times about social peer pressure and the influence of social media on kids and teens.  Bannan writes so honest and real I felt like I was reading a news article.  Weightless is anything but, containing heavy content and realistic details.  There is an ease to each page which made it a quick read but one that is memorable and thought provoking.

Sarah Bannan

*Weightless was sent to Bliss Beauty and Books for review purposes

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