A Window Opens by Elisabeth Egan


This is not going to be like all the reviews posted before.  I am not going to sum up the book.  Instead I am going to tell you all the things I loved about this book and why you need to read it.  A Window Opens by Elisabeth Egan is a book that will leave you cheering, thinking and you may just possibly reevaluate your life and what is important!  It is a book that fits so perfectly within todays society and what our expectations are from mothers, fathers, sons and daughters.  Point and case there need to be more people in this world like the main character Alice Pearse.  She is the voice that we need today to snap up back to whats important as time is of the essence and life is too short.

Alice Pearse is a mother.  Alice Pearse is a daughter.  Alice Pearse is a wife.  Alice Pearse is a friend.  Alice Pearse is a career woman.  Do any of these titles relate to you?  If so you need to read this book.  Alice deals with what we all struggle with and that is how much of a role should our career play in our lives.  If you work full-time is that too much and how do you find that balance?  If you work part-time is that too little and not rewarding and setting a good example?  As mothers our first job whether you work or not is being a mom.  Our priorities are our children and we will do anything for the better of them.  But in today’s society some mothers are sent out to be the primary breadwinners, basically taking on two full-time jobs.  With this comes a struggle.  A struggle for balance and time.  Alice is more than willing to take on what’s best for her family as most of us are.  The mold is that men go to work and the women are home taking care of the kids.  That was then.  Today more and more woman are taking the reigns and its AMAZING.  We are shattering glass ceilings.  But what does that entail and what do you have to sacrifice?  With or without kids we all have to sacrifice something and struggle to juggle.  This raises that good old question of why can’t we have it all?

Alice Pearse is a woman who we all know or actually just might be.  She has that inner conflict of I need to be wife, mom, daughter and friend all the while working full-time and commuting.  Where is the time for anything?  This story depicts that conflict as well as real-life scenarios that men and women alike experience.  This story made me laugh and cry, a breath of fresh air.  I know as a new mom I see how you can beat yourself up over things and I am always taking into consideration how can this better me as a mom.  Alice Pearse is one of the best characters I have met in a long time.  She is absolutely someone I would love to have coffee with and get sage advice.  She is organized chaos and genuine kindness all in one.  I wanted to commend her and then yell at her all at once 🙂  Moral is read this book.  It may just make you think about your life in a different way.  End Summer or start off school season right with my tenth “Blissful Beach Bag” pick!

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*This book was sent to Bliss Beauty and Books for review purposes.

Author Elisabeth EganAuthor Elisabeth Egan

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