Beauty and the Book


These chilly mornings have me dreaming of my toes in the warm sand at the beach with a good book in hand.  It was really only after college that my love for reading developed as I was traveling multiple hours a day on many different modes of transportation from Gloucester to Boston.  I would read at the least a book a week, exploring all different genres.  I became hooked and my love for books has grown immensely.  I love all types of books but my favorites are fun fiction, suspenseful thrillers and pop culture memoirs.  I decided to bring my love of books to my blog!  I am participating in a Goodreads reading challenge this year and committing to reading 30 books this year.  It was one of my New Year’s resolutions as well as a way for me to commit to reading everyday.  Reading for me is a great way to unwind at the end of the day possibly with a glass of wine 🙂  I always love to share a great book with friends so I will be reviewing some amazing titles right here as well as tossing in some fun beauty tips related to the book.  I hope to provide a place for people to recommend great books to me as well as hear of something that may be of interest to them.  Please feel free to comment any recent must reads that you have and here is to an amazing upcoming beach reading season!

3 thoughts on “Beauty and the Book

  1. Wow, 30 books is an awesome goal. It’s a lot! Especially with a little one on hand. 🙂 I know you can do it though and I would be happy to read with you on the beach… also maybe with a glass of wine. 🙂 Do you possibly have a book suggestion that you couldn’t put down?


  2. Courtney, I too love to read, but don’t always find or make the time. I also find it relaxing and love to have time to myself to read and really get into a good book. I’ll be interested to hear your reviews, and beauty tips of course!


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