There is nothing more frustrating to me during these cold, winter days then dry skin.  It’s like you can’t apply enough lotion onto your body!  Our face can be one of the most noticeable places of dry skin.  One product that I have been loving lately is a facial mist.  Not only are they fantastic for hydrating your skin but they also help to keep skin tight, refreshed and glowing.  BONUS: they help to set make-up too giving you that dewy glow!  There are all sorts of facial mists with different oils and ingredients but the mist that I have been loving is Beautycounter Rosewater Uplifiting Spray. beautycounter-rosewater-uplifting_spray-495x650

Made with organic rose essence and purified water it is the perfect pick me up during the day or even after a long flight (airplanes are notorious of sucking the moisture out of our skin).  I love to give a quick spritz in the morning after I do my make-up- it sets my foundation and gives me a little extra wake up!  Not to worry if you can’t get your hands on this mist I have a few DIY recipes for at-home mists for all skin types!

Vitamin E Rose Mist: calm and hydrate

1/3 Cup Organic Rose Water

4 drops of Vitamin E oil

1/4 cup distilled water

Place into 8 oz spray bottle, shake vigorously and SPRITZ!

Acne Free Mist: fight off bacteria, prevent outbreaks and shrink pores

1/2 cup cooled Green Tea

5 drops Tea Tree Oil

1 drop Lemon Juice

** Replace Tea Tree/Lemon with Vitamin E for a Green Tea Hydrating Mask.

Firm and Glow Mist: hydrate, firm and soothe dull, aging skin

1/2 cup distilled water

3 drops Essential Lavender oil

1 drop of Aloe Vera

There are so many types of oils and ingredients that can combat all different issues with our skin.  Do your research and get creative, these are just my recipes above, you can always tailor to your specific skin type/issue. All ingredients can be found at a grocery store such as Whole Foods and a spray bottle can be found at CVS or Target.

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