Red Carpet Beauty…it’s easy!

I set my 2015 intention and I am back to beauty blogging.  It’s been a while and I may be a little rusty in the grammar department but this is meant to be an easy read with helpful beauty tips!  As I sit here watching the Patriots game I can’t help but think back to last Sunday when my “playoff game” was happening- the Golden Globes.  Yes I watched 3 hours of red carpet interviews, my Sports Center if you will, taking in all the red carpet beauty and fashion.  As a new mom, make-up junkie and lover of all things fabulous I thought to myself these looks are actually easy and achievable for everyone.  You do not need a “glam squad” to make yourself red carpet ready.   I decided I would take my 5 favorite looks from the night and share tips and products to achieve these looks.  I am using my favorite Beautycounter products from start to finish and keeping it simple so that its something every gal can do!  

1. Reese Witherspoon- dress: Calvin Klein

  • Start with Beautycounter Tint Skin in a shade of your coloring all over your face, making sure to blend down at your jawline.  
  • Next apply Beautycounter Touch Up concealer to your under eye area and any blemishes you may have.  I also like to apply a little to the tip of my nose and under my brow to brighten.
  • Define your brows.  Take Beautycounter Color Define Brow Pencil and with a light hand make small strokes with your pencil and then setting with the brush end.  Think of a brow like a picture frame for your eye, they set the whole look of the picture.
  • Grab your eyeshadow- for Reese’s look I would choose Beautycounter Color Shade Eye Duo in Shell and Malt (soft pink and taupe).  Take the Shell shade and cover whole eyelid then take the Malt shade and layer onto the crease.  Line upper eyelid and corner of lower eye lid with Color Outline Eye pencil in Black for a chic and classic look.
  • Next take your bronzer, a staple for a “Hollywood” glow- Beautycounter has made it easy with two shades 1 or 2, and apply onto forehead, top of cheekbones and a quick swipe over nose and chin.  The best thing about these bronzers are they are matte which means no end of the day shine.
  • Grab your blush.  Blush is one of my favorite things and if applied correctly can really can tie your whole look together.  For Reese’s look try Beautycounter Color Sweep Blush in Bloom/Tulip.  Take your brush and gently apply to apple of your cheek, swipe up towards your hairline blending down once you hit your hairline.  
  • Take your eyelash curler and curl for 25 seconds and apply 2-3 coats of mascara.  This will help to achieve the “false” lash look that lots of celebs have.  Choose a mascara of your choice as this is something Beautycounter hopes to have in the future.  If you want to stay safe and non toxic some of my faves are: Physicians Formula and Jane Iredale.
  • Last finish off with Beautycounter Rose Lip sheer and top with Beautycounter Lip Shine.
2. Jennifer Lopez- dress: Zuhair Murad
  • Follow first 3 steps from above for all looks.
  • For Jennifer’s eye look take Eye duo in Oyster and Amethyst and Night and Fawn.  Take Oyster and Fawn and layer over whole lid.  Then take Amethyst and place in crease as well as corner of under eye and softly along lower lid for a smokey plum look.  Take Night and line along top lid and lower lid to line eye.  Grab your eye pencil in Violet and line upper and lower lid, smudge in with Night shadow.
  • Continue with Bronzer and application steps above and add Tawny/Whisper Blush duo to cheeks and cheekbones.
  • Apply masacara.
  • Finish with Nude Lip sheer and 2 coats of Lip Shine.
3. Kate Hudson- dress: Atelier Versace
  • For Kate’s eye look use Pearl/Champagne Eye Shadow.  Pearl over whole lid and Champagne in crease and lightly under brow bone to highlight.  Take Black pencil and line on both top and bottom lid.  Do not smudge as its a precise line to get her look.
  • Choose Bloom/Tulip Blush duo on apples of cheeks.
  • Finish with Twig Lip sheer, a soft peachy-nude and Lip Shine.
4. Naomi Watts- dress: Gucci
  • For Naomi’s eye look use Pearl/Champagne Duo. Use the Champagne ONLY over whole lid to keep it golden and simple.  Line with black along top lid and Color Define Brown, a soft brown along lower lid.  Amplify the eye with a blackest black mascara as this is a focal point for her look.
  • Use the Apricot/Flamingo Blush duo, ONLY using the Apricot side to keep with a soft peach cheek.
  • Top off with the new Beautycounter Lip Sheer in Scarlet, a universal red, for that timeless red lip.  
5. Jennifer Aniston- dress: Saint Laurent
  • Eye: Pearl/Champagne and Shell/Fawn.  Use Pearl/Champagne all over lid using both shades together.  Take Fawn and highlight crease.  Take Brown AND Black eyeliner and line top with Black and lightly with the Brown on bottom.  I say lightly because unless you are going for a dramatic look, lining the lower lash line can create the appearance of a smaller eye.
  • Apply Tawny/Whisper blush, a golden tan-peach combination.
  • Finish with Twig lip sheer and Lip shine.
My last step for all the looks is a quick spritz of Beautycounter Rosewater Uplifting spray which helps to “set” your makeup as well as keep the skin hydrated and create that dewy glow.  I hope these steps and tips are easy to follow.  We all have that red carpet look within us.  Have fun, keep it simple and stay gorgeous.

~ Courtney
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