2013 intentions from the mat!



2012 was a year of many things that I am grateful for.  I completed a yoga teacher training and started my teaching journey, traveled, celebrated weddings and birthdays with friends and family and met some amazing friends.  But with all bliss there can be bumps, one of which was injuring my shoulder (written about in a previous post).  This injury caused me to pause my yoga practice and teaching and listen to my body.

Today, for the first time in awhile I rolled out my mat in a studio.  I decided that before the year commenced I was going to trust my yoga practice to help me heal my shoulder rather than hold onto to the fear of re-injury.  So as I was setting my 2013 intentions I decided that one of them would be to start up my practice on January 1, 2013.  No excuses, no fear.

I was excited and nervous at the same time.  I was afraid that I would start to feel sensations in my shoulder but I knew that I could make the modifications that I needed to.  I had been doing mini home practices with a few poses but had yet to do a full practice.  I couldn’t wait to get in a space that was FULL of energy, there is nothing like it.  I decided to take a class at Sweat and Soul in Boston taught by my friend Rachael.  It was an hour class, which I knew would be the perfect length for one of my first classes back.  Not only was this class special to me because I was rolling out my mat but also because Rachael and I did our teacher training together.  It was so fun to see someone who you trained with shining at the front of the studio and taking the teacher roll on with such grace and poise.  I was so happy, not only to be on my mat but to be in her space.  The class was just needed to restore my confidence and remind me of the love that I have for yoga and for that I am grateful.

I am excited to see where this year will bring me in my practice and teaching!  I am looking forward to attending more trainings, visiting more studios and experiencing new teachers (and taking Rachael’s class again 🙂 )  I cannot wait to see what will unfold for me in 2013 and hope to stick to the intentions that I set.  It is always fun to start a new year, a fresh chapter.  What intentions have you set for 2013?


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