Take care of your BODY!

I have never had to “listen” to my body like I did this past spring.  I found, after weeks of shoulder popping and pain, I had torn my labrum.  I had actually torn it weeks before I even realized it.  The problem was I had just finished my yoga teacher training.  I was teaching and taking multiple classes each week. I pushed through the pain until I had gotten the order to not practice for 6 weeks.  That was a devastating demand.  How could I not do something that I loved so much?  Yoga had changed everything for me.  But I accepted the fact that I had to “listen” to my body for once.

I started physical therapy and was on my way to recovery.  The good news was that the tear was so small so it wouldn’t require surgery, the bad news was it could get worse before it got better.  I thought this a good time to explore other ways of fitness that might not require a lot out of my shoulder.  Of course yoga was my first love but I was excited to see what else I may find…and then I found barre classes.  OMG!  I had heard about them but never knew what they were all about!  Not only was it a brand new type of workout for me but it had a little yoga element to it too!  I was so happy to find something that got my endorphins going and was able to keep me moving.  (I will talk more about this new found love in a later post 🙂 )

So here we are, November.  I am slowly on the mend and like my orthopedic warned me it did get worse before it got better.  I am now working through residual muscle issues and pain but am not anywhere close to where I was.  I have gotten the ok to get back on mat and start my yoga practice again which makes me VERY HAPPY!  I plan to keep up my barre classes as well!

The major lesson from all of this that I learned was to always LISTEN TO YOUR BODY and to have patience.  You may have to put some of your favorites activities on hold but you never know what other hidden gems of fitness are out there.  Open your mind and take care of YOU!  xo ~C


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